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For no particularly good reason, I'm reading Casino Royale. So far it's sort of interesting, if not necessarily in the ways Ian Fleming intended. It's always great when in older books they're like:

She would have been totally hot, if it weren't for the fact that she was too fucking smart. I hate that in women. She acted like she thought her opinion mattered, too.

How unimaginably sorry these smart confident gorgeous women must have been that asshat narrators weren't into them. I really can't imagine the personal suffering that must have brought them.

I just asked my mother -- who read the book before passing it along to me, thanks Ma -- if she thought I was being unfair here. She assured me that it gets much worse. Good to know!

In unrelated yet somehow appropriate news, when I went to start this post, it asked me if I wanted to restore from a saved draft. I didn't remember having any drafts, but I clicked okay just in case there was something I was forgetting, and was presented with the following text: "kashgsagadhsshshs".

I do actually remember what that was about, but am nevertheless amused.
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1.  It's fun to talk about how cats are totally random and ridiculous -- and they are -- but if I'm honest with myself, I'm not really any better. Case in point: I come trotting down the stairs at a fair speed, see the cat sleeping on the couch, and stop dead so I can stare at him alertly until I've verified that he's breathing. And then I continue about my business as if this were all perfectly ordinary.

2.  "The Wanderer" has been stuck in my head for over twenty-four hours, and I am really ready for the next earworm, please. I wouldn't even mind, except I'm having a hard time shaking the conviction that the narrator is a massive jerk. You'll never settle down, you like pretty girls, okay, well and good, dude -- but what do you mean to you they're all the same? How much attention are you even paying here?

3.  One of the many ways my mother is excellent: I randomly asked her what kind of book John Reese might like that you wouldn't necessarily expect him to, and she thought about it for a moment and said, either The Joy of Cooking or a romance novel.

3a.  (It would have to be a romance novel without too much valorization/fetishization of alpha male nonsense, I think; for reasons including though not limited to "Prisoner's Dilemma", I'm imagining he'd find that somewhere between unpleasant and triggery. The whole true love aspect, though. OMG. Yeah, I can't even.)

3b.  ((Of course, what I really want now is to introduce him to fanfic. But okay no I have enough plotbunnies I'm not writing, yes, thank you.))


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