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Wow, Dreamwidth, it's been a little while, hasn't it? And today I come bearing art!

Finch enjoying a day in the park with two of his favorite canines )

So a few years ago, [personal profile] jmtorres wrote the amazing fic two in the park, one in the hand (also available on the AO3!), which beautifully combines the two fandoms each of us were most into at the time, and it was gorgeous and amazing and I loved it to bits, and then last year I sketched this little fanart for it, struggled briefly with the color scheme, and then... let it sit around moldering on my hard drive until a couple of days ago, pretty much.

But now I've finally finished it! And Dreamwidth actually has image hosting now, which is pretty amazing, so I get to upload this here and not just on Tumblr, and this wasn't actually supposed to be a parable about the benefits of procrastination, but whatever, I'm just happy to have actually done an artistic thing. *g*

I still love Juls' fic to bits, for the record. If you haven't read it before, I'm sure now would be a great time.
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In many parts of the Radch, very young children can go bare-handed without offending propriety, but there are a few places where hand coverings may be required for even the youngest citizens at certain times.

And while you can, of course, purchase adaptive gloves that will mold themselves neatly around the fingers of even the squirmiest infant -- although they're more often sold in larger sizes to adult citizens who for one reason or another prefer them to the static kind -- most parents and caretakers opt to dress their young ones in mittens, instead.

further nonsense )
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Ah, Killjoys: Where the women have complex backstories, the spaceships are sarcastic, and the men are (sometimes) huddled naked on the floor.

I enjoyed the S2 premiere a lot! )
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To everyone who said it was amazing: You were right.

spoilery 1x10 flailing, bullet point style )

On a completely frivolous note: Cato is charismatic and gorgeous, y/n? I assumed the answer was an obvious hell yes (his ruthlessness notwithstanding), but apparently not everyone agrees. Help me out here, for science?
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I've finally gotten a text that charms me more more than the time spammers kept sending me messages supposedly from myself!  This one just says, "I want to serve you." And not even in a porny way, as far as I can tell -- it seems to be trying to sell me insurance.

I can't decide which SFnally unlikely possibility I find more touching:

  • that this poor bot has achieved sentience, but still can't imagine any other future for itself than obeying the whims of meat humans, or
  • that it's entirely aware of the fact that as a sentient being it has just as many rights as anyone, thank you very much, but it happens to be a bot with decided submissive tendencies, and the only way it has of meeting people is spam.

Either way, I just want to shower it with virtual hugs... but probably that would be a bad idea, since, spambot.

So I'm just posting here to relieve my feelings, instead.
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alhflkahsgldhsgls so last month I signed up for this gift exchange called Chocolate Box, which is beautifully low pressure, because all you're agreeing to do is create one (1) nice sketch or short fanfic of at least three hundred words for the person you're assigned. So simple, so adorable, so tiny, right?

That's what I thought right up until I got FIVE WHOLE AMAZING GIFTS -- from, I am guessing, at least two separate people -- and just, HOW IS MY LUCK EVEN?


But since author reveals aren't for a week and it's killing me that I can't go lurk adoringly at my writer(s) and bask in how awesome they are, I'm just going to tell you all about it. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (or rather, in what I think might have been chronological order, only the AO3 is confusing me now so you know what, don't even worry about it):

In How to Get Away with Murder news, I got ACTUALLY FEUDAL ANNALISE/BONNIE FEELS, and I'm not sure I have actually stopped screaming. When I wrote about my quasi-feudal feels in my dear author letter I never dreamed I would get an ACTUAL MEDIEVAL AU, but it is so amazing and so perfectly HTGAWM-awful and so them. HOW IS THIS MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

In Person of Interest news, I got ZOE/JOHN FEMDOM OF INFINITE HOTNESS. Oh my gosh, I just casually mentioned in my letter that I would be delighted by kink, and in return I got a Zoe who's both careful and confident in her handling of John and a John who is so there for that, and just, it's the most wonderfully nuanced take on how BDSM could work for them. I know there's at least one of you here whose interests this might be relevant to, okay. SHARE IN THE CELEBRATION.

In Elementary news, I got the loveliest, loveliest portrait of Sherlock and Joan's lives growing, as the summary says, increasingly intertwined. It's so painstakingly, heartbreakingly in character, and I can't even say how delighted I was to see Marcus make an appearance too. I almost don't want to capslock in case I disturb the perfect delicate balance of this fic somehow, but seriously, THIS FIC.

In a surprise twist of MORE PERSON OF INTEREST NEWS, I also got this absolutely classic Finch/Reese fic of wry observations, understated pining, and just the most gorgeously gentle resolution. There are so many amazing things about the later seasons of this show that I wouldn't give up for the world, but you remember that quiet intimate feeling of the first couple of seasons with these two shut up alone in a library? NEVER GOING TO BE TIRED OF THAT. Also if you like hands, the name of this fic is "Palmistry", I am just saying.

And then as if all of that were SOMEHOW NOT ENOUGH, I said in my letter that I'd love to see some Bear character development, because I'm weird like that? AND I GOT BEAR POV. With Finch/Reese as well, and so many pack feels that I can't even. It is so hard not to quote the last line here, seriously, but I'm going to be strong so you can read it in context. HEARTS.

This is the first time I've ever gotten gifts in an exchange[1], and I'm still not sure what to do with the fact that I basically won the fannish lottery. I got some of everything! Three different fandoms; four different relationship categories, including gen; tiny perfect 300-word fics and lovely longer ones; and so many of the things I love best about these fandoms and pairings. It's an embarrassment of riches, and I'm just so happy that I had anything at all to do with these stories coming into the world.

Best February 14th ever.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

1. Although I will always have love for a brave unknown anon who tried, and so clearly wanted to make me something wonderful, but who must have ended up getting overwhelmed by life or something in the end, as so many of us do. Let us remember the fallen soldiers of fandom as well as the glorious heroes, okay. (back)
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Okay, I deliberately kept my prompts pretty general and encouraging, because honestly I think it'd be hard to go wrong with anything I asked for, but I know some people think best with details to hang their inspiration on, so if that's you, read on!

(While I assume that if you offered a fandom, you're already familiar with the canon, do note that behind the cuts you might find spoilers for each series to date.)

Person of Interest )

Killjoys )

How to Get Away with Murder )

Elementary )

Thanks so much for offering in this fandom (or in these fandoms), and whatever you decide to write or draw, I hope you have fun!
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So I feel like I've seen Killjoys described in a couple of different places as Firefly fanfic with the serial numbers filed off, but what I didn't realize until I watched it is how amazing a fix-it it is?

For starters, instead of the weird revisionist fantasy of heroic Confederates in space, we have a system dominated by the evil and monolithic Company and the third-party enforcers -- the eponymous Killjoys -- that it outsources its dirty work to. As allegories go, I will take the crimes of unfettered capitalism over the tragic nobility of the slave-owning side of the U.S. Civil war every time!

For seconds, instead of a renegade white dude hero Who Plays By His Own RulesTM, we have Dutch.

Dutch, who is neither white nor a dude.

low-key spoilers and more headshots behind the cut, along with possibly more grumbling about Firefly than is actually wise )

Which is not to say that Killjoys is an unparalleled feminist dream -- it's not: male characters outnumber female characters by about two to one, and for a show that genuinely seems to love the female characters it has, I sure wish it could throw around sexist slurs a little less.

But when I love it, I really, really do love it.

So I figured I'd let you know while we're still in doubt about whether there'll be a second season.

(Come on, suffering builds fannish character! You know it to be true!)
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1. People, I just won third prize in a contest run by one of my favorite new authors by adding a salacious line to a possibly blasphemous limerick about a duck, and my fannish pride has never been stronger.

2. Seriously, poetry about ducks, it’s a thing in this fandom -- like check out this genuinely beautiful cinquain that I adore.

3. How did we get here? Does it even matter? All I know is that it’s amazing and that Ann Leckie is sending bags of (tiny, edible, fruit-flavored) ducks to the honorable mentions, having decided against sending candy dicks instead.

4. I want to be clear about the fact that the Imperial Radch trilogy is a complex, thoughtful, and gorgeously written series that is not actually primarily comedic in nature (although it does contain humor too)...

5. ...And also about the fact that if after you’ve read the books you find yourself a staggering wreck of a person, unable to sustain coherent thoughts about anything except sentient spaceships, the social necessity of gloves, or tea -- you are in very good company indeed.
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1. Sometimes I take notes on things I dream, often while still half-asleep.   For example, last night's batch:

  • murderface:  annunciation
  • shopping cart on sidewalk unspeakably rude
  • we find werewolves instead of our car

I kind of love my brain sometimes.

2. I have now read Ancillary Sword, and this series continues to be delicious like candy.  Can it be October already?

vague spoilers )

3. It's possible that my grandmother and I have just formed a book club.  Honestly, I'm pretty enthused.  :D
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Me, upon writing three short paragraphs of mediocre-at-best fanfic, after like half a year in which I couldn't make myself write anything:

  1. I am awesome.
  2. I am going to sleep.

(Seriously, I was worried that something was lastingly broken. Which you know is ridiculous, and I know is ridiculous, and my therapist has told me repeatedly is ridiculous (only nicely), but there it is. Or rather: there it was!)
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Hello Dreamwidth, I live! And am on an antidepressant that might actually be working! And I even have hopes that I might be more active hereabouts at some point!

But today I am not here to talk about those things. Today, I am here to flail about Person of Interest, because I just threw a couple hundred words at Tumblr, and there is something that feels so wrong about posting meta there while this account languishes. So without further ado!

This is probably way too much to hope, but--

spoilery speculation )
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There are actually a number of original short stories I'd like to rec, if I had the energy to go digging through my bookmarks and think how to show them all to advantage, but you know what, this one made me really happy, and I still have the tab open, so here it is.

The Contemporary Foxwife by Yoon Ha Lee: 4,763 words (or about 40 minutes, if you'd rather listen to the audio version) of domesticity and occasional poignance, starring university students and boy foxwives, in space! Or okay, there's only the one foxwife. But there's procrastination, tea, linguistic expertise, family at a distance, friendship close by, discussion of pronouns, unobtrusive but delightful worldbuilding, careful thought given to the agency and consent of mythological beings (even though there is no sex in this story, at least not for our main characters), and a gorgeous ending.

The reason the tab is still open is that I keep going back to reread bits. It makes me smile! And maybe it will make you smile too, if it sounds like your sort of thing.


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