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So there's this great tumblr post asking if monsters that live under the bed have to share the under-bed if their humans are sleeping in bunk beds, and I just... I mean...

It's got to be Root and Shaw at science camp, right? And they're the odd ones out even in a gathering of socially awkward geeks. Root probably still crushes on Shaw instantly, but I'm pretty sure she also reacts to that by bristling defensively and assuming a pose of elaborate disdain. (It's so much harder to be socially confident when you're a teenager and you haven't gotten to kidnap the object of your affections even a little bit!) It's too bad that the act backfires on her: Shaw's literally just here for the lab experience and possible explosions, and if her bunkmate wants to stay out of her way, that's great news.

As for monsters, I figure in this universe they're a reflection of some aspect of their humans' subconscious. (Which isn't to say that they're created for the purpose: they could be summoned out of their home dimension by telepathic resonance or something.) Maybe for more well-adjusted or conventional kids, they represent fears and terrible fates, but Root and Shaw are both pretty comfortable with shadows, aren't they?

Finch and Reese enter this nonsense )

I wish I had a monster under my bed to write this for me.
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Borrowed from [personal profile] amovingtarget! (And reworded a bit in places, because I'm me.)

Flailing about stats behind the cut! )

My main takeaway from this is that I dream up way wilder stuff than I ever actually write down and post. And I kind of want to work on that!
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[personal profile] amovingtarget and I have created character stats for ourselves! As in, our literal real life selves. It was ridiculously fun.

You can see hers here, and as for myself, a neutral good 2nd level human bard named [personal profile] enemyofperfect...

Strength: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 8 (-1)
Constitution: 10 (+0)
Intelligence: 17 (+3)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 12 (+1)

Proficiencies: Arcana, Investigation, Performance, Insight (only if not personally involved)

Contrary: when closely supervised, succeed on a DC 17 wisdom saving throw or make every subsequent roll with disadvantage until taking 2d20 hours off from the project
Shiny: advantage on the first action towards any exciting new goal; on a critical success, ability extends to the next turn
SJW: +10 temporary hp when arguing on behalf of a principle or a perceived underdog
Soliloquy: advantage on any checks that use written communication that you have an hour to work on
Sympathy: make a DC 15 wisdom saving throw upon learning of someone’s misfortune and take 1d8 psychic damage on a failure
Trivia: +5 on intelligence checks to remember a random fact related to the subject at hand, which may or may not be useful
Wallflower: disadvantage on all charisma checks when unfamiliar humanoids are physically present
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I had hazy dreams of writing far more treats than just the one, but if I could only manage one, I'm glad it was for [personal profile] phoenixfalls, who wrote for me my first Chocolate Box lo these several years ago!

Title: Couples
Fandom: Person of interest
Pairing: Sameen Shaw/John Reese, but like, as bros?
Rating: Teen and Up
Contains: Snark, bad jokes, Shaw's frustration with civilian pastimes.
Word count: 663
Summary: The good thing about getting a number who's on his way to a couples retreat is that it narrows down the possibilities for violence. The bad thing about it that Shaw has to go to a couples retreat, too.

read on DW )

I do wish I'd finished it just a few minutes earlier, so I could have come up with a better title before the collection went live -- but I did have an awful lot of fun writing it!
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I don't know what's been up with my energy level this past week, but hey, I wrote three Finch/Reese snippets for [personal profile] dorinda for Chocolate Box!

Title: Intrinsic Motivation
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Harold Finch/John Reese
Other characters: Bear
Rating: General Audiences
Contains: No kisses, but loyalty kink in spades.
Word count: 300
Summary: "Foei! No!" There was an urgent scuffling over the line, and then, despairingly: "Oh, Bear." Finally resignation set in, leaving Harold's tone almost philosophical when he said, "Why is it always the rare editions?"

read on DW )

Title: Without Saying
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Harold Finch/John Reese, past Harold Finch/Nathan Ingram
Rating: General Audiences
Contains: Grief, emotional hurt/comfort, still no kisses, devotion.
Word count: 300
Summary: "You two were close," John said when Harold's voice failed him.

read on DW )

Title: Painstaking
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Harold Finch/John Reese
Rating: General Audiences
Contains: Tending wounds, canon-typical peril, kisses finally.
Word count: 300
Summary: "That was far too close a call, Mr. Reese."

read on DW )

It was really good to be back in this old fandom writing my OTP, I have to say. Maybe I'll even be able to translate the inspiration into finishing some old WIPs that have been languishing, who knows?
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OMG, I'm so happy with both my gifts!

For Deltarune, I got the adorable ficlet Sleepovers Are For Heroes, Too. It gets the character voices and video game feel so well! It made me laugh out loud! It gives these beautiful kids some proper downtime! I was definitely looking for heartwarming fluff in this fandom, and that's exactly what I got, and it even fits a tiny little character arc into its 400 words. I love it to bits.

And then for How to Get Away with Murder, I got after italian, which takes the Wes/Annalise undertones the show always teased and plays them out in all their tangled, gorgeous, ethically dubious glory. It's so deep in Annalise's point of view I could almost taste it, and I couldn't have hoped for a better Wes -- sometimes all but eclipsed by Annalise's musings about him, but still managing to surprise me.

I'm so delighted by this combination of gifts, too. The sweetest of gen fluff and twisty teacher/student shipfic: get you an exchange that can do both, apparently!

What a fantastic Chocolate Box, seriously. ♥
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The other day I was wondering why most humans have five fingers. I mean, it seems like a lot, doesn't it? I can see why you'd want at least two, so you can grasp things between them, and maybe sometimes you want to get a little fancier, so sure, throw in a couple more. But five, really?

Then I got to thinking about why other animals, like the noble wolf for example, have any toes at all. It's not like most of them do anything with them individually; a wolf isn't out there knitting or playing piccolo. So why have digits and not just merge them all into some kind of unified foot?

What do they even use their toes for? I asked myself, and answered: Finding purchase on the ground while running, probably, or digging sometimes. But couldn't you do that with sort of a flattened spade-like foot object as well?

No, you could not, I realized. It's harder to dig a shovel into the ground than it would be a garden fork. Narrowing the cutting edge of the foot to individual points concentrates the force applied to each of them, ensuring greater traction and/or clawing capacity. This satisfied me. I had answered the question of why toes exist.

But seriously, why five?
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Somehow or other I ended up reading a lot of gendery discussion on Twitter tonight. One very interesting find is a working paper (which is to say, a baby study, not yet peer-reviewed) to the effect that over several centuries in Europe, reigning queens fought 25% more wars than kings, perhaps because married queens delegated more work to their husbands and thus were able to devote more of their own attention to warfare. Teamwork makes the dream of conquest work, I guess!

I also skimmed a thread arguing that trans men don't have male privilege really, and I have... complicated and frustrated feelings about that. So between discussion of transmisogyny and of transphobia more generally and the fact that I'm going to touch on some broader LGBQ stuff I don't necessarily understand as well as I'd like to, let's put the rest of this post behind a cut. )
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It feels increasingly weird to have content over there that isn't mirrored here on Dreamwidth, so have a little getting to know you meme I was tagged for by the excellent [tumblr.com profile] villainny!

One/Name: I'll happily answer to either E or enemy. :D

Two/Birthday: I refuse to answer on the grounds that I may incriminate myself? I'm not much for being the center of attention.

Three/Zodiac: Capricorn. Memes always seem to say that makes me some kind of competent, practical person. The mind boggles.

Four/Height: Somewhere in the 5'9 range. I'm not being cagey this time, I just haven't been competently measured in an age!

Five/Hobbies: Reading fanfic, novels, articles, blogs; writing occasionally; playing odd indie games, or sometimes more mainstream ones if prodded; DMing the world's smallest D&D campaign.

Six/Favorite Colors: Green, gray, cool colors in general, brown, black.

Seven/Favorite Books: Gosh. I'll say the works of CJ Cherryh, Martha Wells, and Maureen McHugh come to mind. But how in the world can I pick?

Eight/Last Song I Listened To: I've got "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence and the Machine playing right now!

Nine/Last Movie Watched: The heartbreaking El lugar sin límites. (Content notes: homophobia, transphobia, sexual violence, other violence, orientalism, cultural appropriation, plain old emotional devastation. But I'm not sorry I watched it.)

Ten/Inspiration: I think the thing gives me more ideas than anything else is when something is almost what I want, but not quite. The combination of "yes, like that" and "but what if--" gets my brain working like nothing else.

Eleven/Meaning of Username: I'm a terrible perfectionist, and it gets in the way of so many things. It's a reminder to myself to try and focus not on avoiding mistakes, but on finding and creating things that are good.

On tumblr, I would traditionally tag some of you to do this meme too, but that feels a little pushy here on DW, somehow. So -- instead I will invite you all to play if you're interested, and not otherwise!
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I already know I'm going to love whatever you make for any of my requests, but I also know that some people like having ideas to springboard off of, so behind the cuts I'm going to expand a little on my prompts for the fandoms and relationships I've requested. You don't have to keep reading if that's not you! All my DNWs are already on the AO3! But if you do like to have more detail, well, this post is for you.

Person of Interest )

How to Get Away with Murder )

Deltarune )

Common Law )

In conclusion, thank you so much for joining this exchange, and I hope you have a good Chocolate Box! ♥
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complaining about The Good Wife and, separately, Lost Girl )


Less gloomily, I've been enjoying the videos of YouTube user TB Skyen lately. (Unfortunately, most of them aren't captioned.)

I'm unfamiliar with probably 90% of the media he covers, so I've only sampled a scattering of his work, but I love the way he'll sometimes insist that he isn't being political at all, he's purely examining artistic and narrative decisions -- and then he just happens to demonstrate that there is no artistic or narrative justification for the incredibly sexist design choices of the powers that be. Well played, sir.

Not to mention, his delighted squee over the Undertale quasi-sequel (?) Deltarune is incredibly endearing.


Also in YouTubery: Why are Siamés' music videos so amazing??

The Wolf was stunningly good, but I might love Mr. Fear just as much. (Cartoon violence in both videos, and possible body horror warning for the latter.) They're just so stylized and stylish and expressive! And the animation meshes so perfectly with the beat!

(And I admire the way they make a genuine artistic virtue of what I suspect is a strategic reuse of footage to keep the workload/budget reasonable.)


Possibly against my better judgment, I seem to be gearing up to do Chocolate Box this year! Deadlines can be tricky for me, but surely I can write 300 words in a month's time? (I say knowing full well that last time the story wouldn't let go of me in less than 1000.)

I haven't signed up yet, but I have drafted up some requests and offers, so... I admit it's looking likely at this point. It's just such a fun exchange!

SF/F meme!

Jan. 2nd, 2019 05:09 pm
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A couple of you have posted which of these 100 works of SF/F you've read or otherwise consumed, and it seems like a fun game, so I'm playing too. Overall, I think I can fairly claim to have read 1/3 of the list -- full breakdown behind the cut!

lists and lists )

To anyone who clicks through, are there any authors or books on my unread lists that you'd particularly recommend? Or any on my read list you'd like to ask about? I only barely restrained myself from commenting on all the titles I even recognized, so don't be afraid to jump in!
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Because the excellent [personal profile] stunt_muppet imported this meme over from tumblr and tagged me for it! Following her example, I'm switching out some of the categories for ones that are more applicable to my life, but I'll try to keep to the spirit of the meme as best I can.

Top five games I've played this year )

Top five TV shows I saw in 2018 )

Top five songs to listen to on repeat in 2018 )

Top five books of 2018 )

Five good things that happened to me in 2018 )

Instead of tagging anyone else to do this meme, I'm going to say to raise your hand in the comments if you'd like help brainstorming categories you can use to do this meme too. I'd love to read about your year!
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It's not that I think it's okay to attack people for their ships or their fictional kinks. It's just that I feel like it isn't great to yell at unhappy teenagers either.

Let me back up a little. )
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The Good Wife is my household's latest choice in dinnertime entertainment, and although it isn't my preferred shade of morally gray, it's been growing on me. There's something intriguing about a female protagonist who so blatantly wields politeness as both shield and weapon -- she's kind of the antithesis of stories in which women can only gain power by means of traditionally masculine qualities and pursuits.

But there's something that kind of baffled me about a recent episode.

Spoilery discussion of 1x19 "Boom": )
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So here's a little fic that I wrote almost three years ago, revised more than two years ago, and only just got around to uploading this week. Story of my fannish life, I guess. But better late than never!

Title: Data Collection
Fandom: Person of Interest
Characters: Harold Finch, the Machine, Grace Hendricks
Rating: Mature Themes
Contains: Inanimate pronouns for artificial superintelligences, canon-compatible matchmaking, awkward conversations with a Machine that sees everything.
Word count: 1,241
Summary: The first time the Machine flagged explicit pornography for Harold's attention, he thought it was confused by the use of handcuffs and floggers.

Read on the AO3, or here! )
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sfw artwork behind the cut )

For the last couple of months I've been playing D&D with [tumblr.com profile] amovingtarget[1], and this week we lost our first friendly NPC. Alas, poor Pickle: she entered as a hostile bandit, was briefly awed into cooperation with our heroes, soon grew bold enough to demand gold and minions in return for her continued assistance, and ultimately declared herself queen mere rounds before meeting her end at the hands of an angry chef.[2]

I like to imagine that in whatever hereafter a goblin of indifferent loyalty but fervent ambition might find her way into, Pickle is still scheming just as irrepressibly as ever.

1. [tumblr.com profile] amovingtarget has instructed me to say both that she made me DM, and that she was right to. She isn't wrong: I mean, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I am having a heck of a lot of fun. (back)

2. A brief excerpt from chat:
[personal profile] enemyofperfect: at least she died fighting for something she believed in
[tumblr.com profile] amovingtarget: herself
[personal profile] enemyofperfect: exactly
You've got to admire a goblin like that. At least, I do. (back)

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