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Random spoilery thoughts about tonight's POI

Person of Interest 2x17, Proteus

1. So at first I was like, what the hell, Finch actually has a pilot's license? How does that even work? He isn't that kind of badass!

I should have had more faith. Of course even flying a plane through a dangerous storm is geeky when Finch does it.

Oh my gosh, this show.

2. Please tell me someone's got gifs of Reese talking to the Marine? And/or was paying better attention than I was, and noticed whether there was any hint of where his life is going from here? Because seriously, seriously -- Reese has got to have all the feelings about a guy deserting from the armed forces, and I desperately need to refine my sense of what those feelings are.


I mean, on the one hand, Reese is obviously 3000% about loyalty, but on the other hand, while it seems clear that his work for the CIA was substantially worse for him than what preceded it, I kind of don't get the feeling that military service was that great for his mental health, either.

And. I just.

3. Oh my gosh, what was Reese even, when he was dragging around the smuggler guy? Bleed for yes?! That has got to be one of the creepiest things you have ever said, dude. Also, since when does Reese care about illegal drugs? I'm pretty sure that up until now, his entire philosophy on the point could be neatly summarized in three points, namely:

-If you steal a bunch of them and plant them on someone, the police will helpfully arrest that person for you.
-They can be really handy when you have to dress a bullet wound in the field.
-People shouldn't give them to Finch without Finch's permission.

The best I can figure is that he was really pretty ticked off about the speargun thing, and also figured that US Marshals are probably very serious about the war on drugs. Or maybe he'd seen Watchmen recently and had a Rorschach moment? IDEK.

4. Carter is awesome, yay Carter! I'm sad that the Beecher thing has gotten so complicated, though. Poor Carter; she really deserved something in her life she didn't have to second-guess.

On the other hand, it'd be sort of awesome if Beecher turned out to actually not be a totally terrible guy. I was so annoyed when it seemed like they were just flinging him at Carter for an episode or two, like some kind of utterly random placeholder for the Carter/Reese I assume we're going to get someday, but if he actually gets decent character development and stuff, that could be pretty great. And I actually liked their last scene together, here.

5. Be okay, Machine. :( I don't actually know if Finch's thing about how it would have given them the FBI agent's number if it had been feeling better makes any sense, but oh my gosh. Poor Machine. :( :( Get well soon?

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