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alhflkahsgldhsgls so last month I signed up for this gift exchange called Chocolate Box, which is beautifully low pressure, because all you're agreeing to do is create one (1) nice sketch or short fanfic of at least three hundred words for the person you're assigned. So simple, so adorable, so tiny, right?

That's what I thought right up until I got FIVE WHOLE AMAZING GIFTS -- from, I am guessing, at least two separate people -- and just, HOW IS MY LUCK EVEN?


But since author reveals aren't for a week and it's killing me that I can't go lurk adoringly at my writer(s) and bask in how awesome they are, I'm just going to tell you all about it. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (or rather, in what I think might have been chronological order, only the AO3 is confusing me now so you know what, don't even worry about it):

In How to Get Away with Murder news, I got ACTUALLY FEUDAL ANNALISE/BONNIE FEELS, and I'm not sure I have actually stopped screaming. When I wrote about my quasi-feudal feels in my dear author letter I never dreamed I would get an ACTUAL MEDIEVAL AU, but it is so amazing and so perfectly HTGAWM-awful and so them. HOW IS THIS MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

In Person of Interest news, I got ZOE/JOHN FEMDOM OF INFINITE HOTNESS. Oh my gosh, I just casually mentioned in my letter that I would be delighted by kink, and in return I got a Zoe who's both careful and confident in her handling of John and a John who is so there for that, and just, it's the most wonderfully nuanced take on how BDSM could work for them. I know there's at least one of you here whose interests this might be relevant to, okay. SHARE IN THE CELEBRATION.

In Elementary news, I got the loveliest, loveliest portrait of Sherlock and Joan's lives growing, as the summary says, increasingly intertwined. It's so painstakingly, heartbreakingly in character, and I can't even say how delighted I was to see Marcus make an appearance too. I almost don't want to capslock in case I disturb the perfect delicate balance of this fic somehow, but seriously, THIS FIC.

In a surprise twist of MORE PERSON OF INTEREST NEWS, I also got this absolutely classic Finch/Reese fic of wry observations, understated pining, and just the most gorgeously gentle resolution. There are so many amazing things about the later seasons of this show that I wouldn't give up for the world, but you remember that quiet intimate feeling of the first couple of seasons with these two shut up alone in a library? NEVER GOING TO BE TIRED OF THAT. Also if you like hands, the name of this fic is "Palmistry", I am just saying.

And then as if all of that were SOMEHOW NOT ENOUGH, I said in my letter that I'd love to see some Bear character development, because I'm weird like that? AND I GOT BEAR POV. With Finch/Reese as well, and so many pack feels that I can't even. It is so hard not to quote the last line here, seriously, but I'm going to be strong so you can read it in context. HEARTS.

This is the first time I've ever gotten gifts in an exchange[1], and I'm still not sure what to do with the fact that I basically won the fannish lottery. I got some of everything! Three different fandoms; four different relationship categories, including gen; tiny perfect 300-word fics and lovely longer ones; and so many of the things I love best about these fandoms and pairings. It's an embarrassment of riches, and I'm just so happy that I had anything at all to do with these stories coming into the world.

Best February 14th ever.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

1. Although I will always have love for a brave unknown anon who tried, and so clearly wanted to make me something wonderful, but who must have ended up getting overwhelmed by life or something in the end, as so many of us do. Let us remember the fallen soldiers of fandom as well as the glorious heroes, okay. (back)
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Okay, I deliberately kept my prompts pretty general and encouraging, because honestly I think it'd be hard to go wrong with anything I asked for, but I know some people think best with details to hang their inspiration on, so if that's you, read on!

(While I assume that if you offered a fandom, you're already familiar with the canon, do note that behind the cuts you might find spoilers for each series to date.)

Person of Interest )

Killjoys )

How to Get Away with Murder )

Elementary )

Thanks so much for offering in this fandom (or in these fandoms), and whatever you decide to write or draw, I hope you have fun!
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Have you ever found yourself with just enough of a thing that you felt you ought to do something with it, but too little of it for anything you could think of to do? That seems to be where I am with energy at the moment. I wanted to start this paragraph with a concrete comparison -- one involving food preparation, maybe -- but I couldn't manage to think of one. You see what I mean.

It's a frustrating situation, but possibly a good one, if it means that I'm returning to the world of people who can occasionally do things. Because I do like to do things, occasionally; I tend to feel much happier about life when I do.

In the meantime, have some disorganized and spoilery and largely cranky thoughts about recent television. (Content note for the Almost Human one: I start out by saying there's an abusive relationship at the heart of the show, and I absolutely mean it.)

Elementary 2x13, All in the Family )

Almost Human 1x08, You Are Here )

Sleepy Hollow 1x11, The Vessel )

Intelligence 1x02, I cannot be bothered to look up the name )

Person of Interest 3x13, 4C )
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Both myself and my cat, that is. It isn't clear how much time he has left, but he still seems to be enjoying what he does have, so I'm really glad about that.

What else is going on? Um. I've watched some TV, I guess. Spoilers behind the cuts!

Person of Interest 1x16, Relevance )

Elementary 1x17, Possibility Two )

Television and worrying make up a remarkable proportion of my life, really.


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