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Have you ever found yourself with just enough of a thing that you felt you ought to do something with it, but too little of it for anything you could think of to do? That seems to be where I am with energy at the moment. I wanted to start this paragraph with a concrete comparison -- one involving food preparation, maybe -- but I couldn't manage to think of one. You see what I mean.

It's a frustrating situation, but possibly a good one, if it means that I'm returning to the world of people who can occasionally do things. Because I do like to do things, occasionally; I tend to feel much happier about life when I do.

In the meantime, have some disorganized and spoilery and largely cranky thoughts about recent television. (Content note for the Almost Human one: I start out by saying there's an abusive relationship at the heart of the show, and I absolutely mean it.)

Elementary 2x13, All in the Family )

Almost Human 1x08, You Are Here )

Sleepy Hollow 1x11, The Vessel )

Intelligence 1x02, I cannot be bothered to look up the name )

Person of Interest 3x13, 4C )
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For me. I don't feel any particular resentment towards the season; in fact, I spend a fair amount of it not feeling much of anything at all. Emotions require energy, is the thing, and I'm in very short supply of that. In a way it's freeing: at other times of year, when I think of something I might do, it exists as an actual possibility, with all the potential for anxiety and guilt that that entails, but now I just think, ahahahahaha -- no, and tell myself to hold that thought until I am no longer living in a light-starved hell.

Yesterday I ate a chocolate bar, which is notable because doing so required me to first open the wrapper, something which in the preceding days I had not found the wherewithal to do.

I promise you that this is very funny when you are the person living it.

I do actually have some energy. My shoulders ache from snow shoveling, which is good, because I got that ache being very careful about my technique so as to avoid wrenching my back. I spent a couple of hours rolling around in a wonderful horrible new plotbunny today -- I'm not going to write it, but it's good to know that at least my ideas haven't dried up. I even, unrelatedly, managed to make someone laugh.

I keep thinking of posts I might make -- about recent events on Person of Interest; about the fact that Almost Human is eating my brain; and then there's one I really do want to write someday, even if it's in a very disorganized fashion, about some of the zillion and one largely disparate factors that seem to contribute to whether a given story is judged "good" -- but I guess I'm making this one instead.

(Edited to capitalize the last word of Person of Interest. Oh touchscreen keyboard, don't you know it's unkind to kick a person when they're down?)


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