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So I feel like I've seen Killjoys described in a couple of different places as Firefly fanfic with the serial numbers filed off, but what I didn't realize until I watched it is how amazing a fix-it it is?

For starters, instead of the weird revisionist fantasy of heroic Confederates in space, we have a system dominated by the evil and monolithic Company and the third-party enforcers -- the eponymous Killjoys -- that it outsources its dirty work to. As allegories go, I will take the crimes of unfettered capitalism over the tragic nobility of the slave-owning side of the U.S. Civil war every time!

For seconds, instead of a renegade white dude hero Who Plays By His Own RulesTM, we have Dutch.

Dutch, who is neither white nor a dude.

low-key spoilers and more headshots behind the cut, along with possibly more grumbling about Firefly than is actually wise )

Which is not to say that Killjoys is an unparalleled feminist dream -- it's not: male characters outnumber female characters by about two to one, and for a show that genuinely seems to love the female characters it has, I sure wish it could throw around sexist slurs a little less.

But when I love it, I really, really do love it.

So I figured I'd let you know while we're still in doubt about whether there'll be a second season.

(Come on, suffering builds fannish character! You know it to be true!)
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Having an anxiety disorder is like juggling angry weasels.

It's like juggling angry weasels all the time. And okay, it turns out that with enough practice, you can get pretty good at anything, even weasel-juggling? But that doesn't mean it doesn't make things difficult.

Like, you can never just pick up a book and read it. Instead it has to be, okay, all three weasels up in the air, time to turn the page and quick catch the weasels again -- yes, excellent, weasels successfully caught! Now read a paragraph. Now look up to make sure the weasels aren't writhing out of control. Good, good. Now read another few paragraphs -- whoops, and there we are with the writhing, damn it, weasels!

cut for metaphorical weasel violence and all-caps cursing )

But even when I do have the weasels mostly under control, it's just--

Sometimes I just get so tired of all the juggling.

(h/t to [personal profile] staranise -- lexicon -- and Joss Whedon -- episode context and quote)


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