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Wow, Dreamwidth, it's been a little while, hasn't it? And today I come bearing art!

Finch enjoying a day in the park with two of his favorite canines )

So a few years ago, [personal profile] jmtorres wrote the amazing fic two in the park, one in the hand (also available on the AO3!), which beautifully combines the two fandoms each of us were most into at the time, and it was gorgeous and amazing and I loved it to bits, and then last year I sketched this little fanart for it, struggled briefly with the color scheme, and then... let it sit around moldering on my hard drive until a couple of days ago, pretty much.

But now I've finally finished it! And Dreamwidth actually has image hosting now, which is pretty amazing, so I get to upload this here and not just on Tumblr, and this wasn't actually supposed to be a parable about the benefits of procrastination, but whatever, I'm just happy to have actually done an artistic thing. *g*

I still love Juls' fic to bits, for the record. If you haven't read it before, I'm sure now would be a great time.
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There are actually a number of original short stories I'd like to rec, if I had the energy to go digging through my bookmarks and think how to show them all to advantage, but you know what, this one made me really happy, and I still have the tab open, so here it is.

The Contemporary Foxwife by Yoon Ha Lee: 4,763 words (or about 40 minutes, if you'd rather listen to the audio version) of domesticity and occasional poignance, starring university students and boy foxwives, in space! Or okay, there's only the one foxwife. But there's procrastination, tea, linguistic expertise, family at a distance, friendship close by, discussion of pronouns, unobtrusive but delightful worldbuilding, careful thought given to the agency and consent of mythological beings (even though there is no sex in this story, at least not for our main characters), and a gorgeous ending.

The reason the tab is still open is that I keep going back to reread bits. It makes me smile! And maybe it will make you smile too, if it sounds like your sort of thing.


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