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I have uploaded a Valentine's fic to the AO3! Because I am just timely that way. In my defense, I did put it up on Tumblr back in February; it's just that the feat so exhausted me that I had to go huddle in a corner for some time afterwards. Anyway, without further ado!

Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairings: Finch/Reese
Other Characters: The Machine
Rating: Teen and Up
Contains: Doggerel, technobabble, invasion of privacy, vast and abiding ridiculousness, matchmaking.
Word count: 1250 (although a ton of that's email headers)
Summary: In which the Machine sends valentines, privacy is disregarded, and things get interesting.

The AO3 fought me so much on the formatting for this, I can't even -- all my HTML tags kept rearranging themselves inexplicably on preview, until I eventually had to just post it and hope. I can only conclude that the AO3 felt jealous. But it really has no reason to be!

Archive, if you're reading this, you don't have to worry that my affection for the Machine will come between us. Whatever fanfic I write about other digital entities can only serve to bring us closer together. I just hope you realize that. Kisses!
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I threw a tiny ancient little ficlet of mine on the AO3. Hurrah, my account there is no longer empty!

Title: v is for
Fandom: White Collar
Characters: Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke
Rating: General Audiences
Contains: (skip) Vampirism! Also, no more spoilers than any commercial for the show ever.
Word count: 255
Notes: This was inspired by a kink meme prompt. Several years ago. Arguably, I fail at kink memes.
Summary: Neal knows Peter half suspects him.

Maybe next I'll put up the Person of Interest fluff of ridiculousness. Definitely not tonight, though; I have this peculiar ambition to get to bed at a semi-reasonable time.


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