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1. Sometimes I take notes on things I dream, often while still half-asleep.   For example, last night's batch:

  • murderface:  annunciation
  • shopping cart on sidewalk unspeakably rude
  • we find werewolves instead of our car

I kind of love my brain sometimes.

2. I have now read Ancillary Sword, and this series continues to be delicious like candy.  Can it be October already?

vague spoilers )

3. It's possible that my grandmother and I have just formed a book club.  Honestly, I'm pretty enthused.  :D
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Some things I dreamed last night:

  • Someone published a book that consisted of a lot of glossy photos of him and his dog cosplaying as Calvin and Hobbes and having adventures. It was pretty cool, actually.
  • I had a really earnest conversation with a high-ranking religious official of some kind (I base this on his ornate hat and robes and his air of compassionate dignity) about the fact that I owned and sometimes used a razor. In hindsight, his doubts about this practice don't seem to mesh with his clean-shaven look. Maybe he used a depilatory? Anyway, I'm pretty sure we were on an airship. And maybe in the middle of a murder investigation.
  • A guy was telling his female BFF that once they carried out their nefarious plan to wipe out the rest of humanity, they'd have to repopulate the earth, so he thought they should spare his girlfriend, too. And a dude of his BFF's choosing, if she wanted, he added magnanimously.

I've been told that I have weird dreams, but I don't get it. What on earth do the rest of you dream about?

(I will concede that the dream from the night before last about the con artist who felt marginally regretful about her plan to rip off Harold Finch and his new husband, Bucky Barnes, was a little out there.)
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I dreamed that Google was giving out virtual ravens and flamingos to early adopters of some new service they'd developed.

I was outraged. You can't create artificial life and then just carelessly hand it out to anyone who can navigate a sign-up form! Inevitably, some of these fledgling AIs were going to end up being deliberately mistreated. That's how the internet works! And they didn't even care what fates their digital offspring might suffer -- they hadn't bothered putting in any safeguards at all.

This time, Google, you have gone too far, I thought.

It turns out there's pretty much nothing that's more adorable than a raven and a flamingo hanging out together and being BFFs, though. I mean, if we can believe my dream.


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