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Me yesterday: Hmm, I wonder if I'm catching that cold that's going around.

Me today: Yup, caught it.

Me six hours ago: I'm not yet so pitiful that I can't, on some level, enjoy feeling pitiful. Given the progression I've observed in others, I'd better make the most of this while it lasts. Oh discomfort and languid malaise; oh woe. *puts hand to brow*

Me one hour ago: ...On the bright side, aches and fatigue make for a much better illness experience than congestion and sore throat. If this can just keep on the way it's been going until my immune system rallies and fights it off, I will have far fewer complaints than usual.

Me now: Why is consciousness. *falls over*
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And neither do I. The bleak loathing I feel towards it cannot be measured, or estimated. It may be that this is the dark energy which makes up 68.3% of the known universe, or it may be that the animosity I now bear is infinite.

The snow seems to be infinite. Not all the world is snow -- other types of matter are permitted, so far, to exist -- but I suspect that it goes on forever.

We are running out of places to put it.

The snowfall we have received is in excess of requirements. Are you missing snow that your locale had been allotted? I think we have it. Please join me in contacting the weather authorities to arrange its prompt delivery to its intended destination.

We're told to expect more snow tomorrow.
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I do not want a Google+ profile. No, more: I want not a Google+ profile. It is an active ambition and heartfelt desire of mine to continue to live a Google+ free life -- and that, Google, is why I have deleted my Google+ presence each time you have created one for me.

Which you have done on three separate occasions to date.

I get that you want to make money off our unique little data-rich lives, but each time you try this, my laughter about that touching "don't be evil" slogan of yours acquires a slightly wilder note. I realize that it's to your benefit to railroad as many of your distracted and not particularly privacy-conscious users as you can into this presumably lucrative project of yours, but surely there has to be some disadvantage to antagonizing the few of us who care enough to fight the issue?

The thing is, Google, I don't want to hate you. You've made my life easier on countless occasions. But lately, you keep going out of your way to make it harder, and it's kind of frustrating. Actually, by this point, it's kind of infuriating.

You have been a useful evil, Google. Please do both of us a favor and stop pushing before we find out whether you're a necessary one.


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