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In many parts of the Radch, very young children can go bare-handed without offending propriety, but there are a few places where hand coverings may be required for even the youngest citizens at certain times.

And while you can, of course, purchase adaptive gloves that will mold themselves neatly around the fingers of even the squirmiest infant -- although they're more often sold in larger sizes to adult citizens who for one reason or another prefer them to the static kind -- most parents and caretakers opt to dress their young ones in mittens, instead.

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1. People, I just won third prize in a contest run by one of my favorite new authors by adding a salacious line to a possibly blasphemous limerick about a duck, and my fannish pride has never been stronger.

2. Seriously, poetry about ducks, it’s a thing in this fandom -- like check out this genuinely beautiful cinquain that I adore.

3. How did we get here? Does it even matter? All I know is that it’s amazing and that Ann Leckie is sending bags of (tiny, edible, fruit-flavored) ducks to the honorable mentions, having decided against sending candy dicks instead.

4. I want to be clear about the fact that the Imperial Radch trilogy is a complex, thoughtful, and gorgeously written series that is not actually primarily comedic in nature (although it does contain humor too)...

5. ...And also about the fact that if after you’ve read the books you find yourself a staggering wreck of a person, unable to sustain coherent thoughts about anything except sentient spaceships, the social necessity of gloves, or tea -- you are in very good company indeed.
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1. Sometimes I take notes on things I dream, often while still half-asleep.   For example, last night's batch:

  • murderface:  annunciation
  • shopping cart on sidewalk unspeakably rude
  • we find werewolves instead of our car

I kind of love my brain sometimes.

2. I have now read Ancillary Sword, and this series continues to be delicious like candy.  Can it be October already?

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3. It's possible that my grandmother and I have just formed a book club.  Honestly, I'm pretty enthused.  :D
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For fanfic purposes, of course -- fanfic reading, in this case. The third installment of [personal profile] violsva's awesome Sherlock Holmes series The Landlady was out, and I had so much fun comparing the first two with the original canon, I thought I'd refresh my memory first this time.

This led to two realizations!

The first is that my memory for books I read when I was a kid is pretty terrible.

A thing I'd totally forgotten )

A thing I was probably happier forgetting )

The one thing I did remember with perfect clarity )

Which is probably a pretty accurate snapshot of what I did and did not get out of Sherlock Holmes as a kid, yeah.

And as an adult? Given that my second realization is that I find [personal profile] violsva's fic rather more enjoyable than I do Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, it appears that what I now get out of Sherlock Holmes is background for appreciating excellent fanfic.
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For no particularly good reason, I'm reading Casino Royale. So far it's sort of interesting, if not necessarily in the ways Ian Fleming intended. It's always great when in older books they're like:

She would have been totally hot, if it weren't for the fact that she was too fucking smart. I hate that in women. She acted like she thought her opinion mattered, too.

How unimaginably sorry these smart confident gorgeous women must have been that asshat narrators weren't into them. I really can't imagine the personal suffering that must have brought them.

I just asked my mother -- who read the book before passing it along to me, thanks Ma -- if she thought I was being unfair here. She assured me that it gets much worse. Good to know!

In unrelated yet somehow appropriate news, when I went to start this post, it asked me if I wanted to restore from a saved draft. I didn't remember having any drafts, but I clicked okay just in case there was something I was forgetting, and was presented with the following text: "kashgsagadhsshshs".

I do actually remember what that was about, but am nevertheless amused.


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