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Ah, Killjoys: Where the women have complex backstories, the spaceships are sarcastic, and the men are (sometimes) huddled naked on the floor.

I enjoyed the S2 premiere a lot!

My INCANDESCENT JOY at seeing Fancy Lee again -- and seeing him rescued by our team! and concerned for D'avin! -- is obviously tempered by the fact that by the end of the episode he got shot a bunch of times, kicked out of a moving spaceship, and given up for evil, but at least he's still alive, I guess? And I'm going to cross my fingers super hard for some kind of eventual tearing-himself-away-from-Level-Six plot.

Meanwhile, Clara! With her noncon mods she isn't going to give up for anyone else's ideas of what being human means, and her tragic past, and her awesome bluff when she first met Dutch, and her pain tolerance, and her complete and astonishing decency to anyone who actually does right by her. And her flirtation with Lucy! I just!

Speaking of Lucy, I am so on board (um, no pun intended) with her having showing more personality this season. She was so active and involved! Flying herself, overriding Dutch's orders, hacking into enemy systems! And she likes Clara and wanted to keep her, oh my gosh. I love her so much. ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm a little freaked out by D'avin somehow thinking that Khlyen could be anything but Dutch's enemy -- are we sure they didn't get inside his head at least a little? -- but I'm hoping, very very much, that the show is going to come down solidly on Dutch's side about D'avin not getting a say in this. Khlyen may be a a very loving abuser who wants only the best for his assassin child, but an abuser is still what he is. At least Johnny realizes that, I guess.

And I do love that Johnny had to be the one to manage his own feelings and Dutch's too, while she got the typical hero's role of wanting to storm in and save the day by sheer force of will. Caretaking Johnny continues to be very much of a thing: I loved him bringing her a drink at the end, too. Oh my gosh, and the way he all but gave up on using Clara's shield to get to D'avin once he realized how much it must hurt her is just everything I love about him.

Not that it wasn't fun how well he did improvising undercover with Pree -- who's also on the team now, omg! Of course I'm sorry about Pree's bar, and you know, all of Old Town, but it's awesome to see more of him. I wonder how he and Lucy get along?

But in conclusion: oh, Dutch. I feel like she's still adjusting to the sheer logistical complexity of caring about so many different people simultaneously -- her emotional world contains way more moving parts than it used to, and it's a different sort of balancing act than the kind of hard choices she learned young -- but she's doing that work, and she's got some really good people at her back while she does it. And through it all, she's still the one who can slice D'avin's hand open to see if he's still himself with nary a flinch.

Yeah, I love this show a lot.
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