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possibly unpopular (& MASSIVELY SPOILERY) fannish opinion:

If all of that had been real right up to the moment before Shaw shot herself, I would have been cool with that, I think.

I mean, I'm also cool with this surprisingly fanfic thing the show is doing where it has its feels and eats them too, but Shaw shooting Reese in the back and begging him under her breath not to reach for his gun and make her shoot him again? Finch freaking out over the line because that's not how it's supposed to go? Root shrugging off Shaw's confession that she killed Reese and saying they can work through this, because her love for Shaw is Just That Extreme?

I don't know, I could have worked with that, is all I'm saying.

Less hypothetically, I feel like Shaw's expressiveness throughout the episode makes more sense if it was all literally inside her head -- not that she's ever been affectless, but that's infinitely more vulnerability that she has ever openly shown, including when she was a child and her dad had just died -- but one thing I loved the whole way through was the bullshit explanations she made up for the stuff the conditioning made her do, and how palpably disoriented she was every time. That rings so true for me, somehow.

And I loved her fury with Root, both because she didn't believe in her, and then later because she did.

Date: 2016-05-17 10:40 am (UTC)
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Agreed! Not that I think the show would really have Reese go out that way - or cut to Shaw and Root while he was expiring, so that's the point where I got very suspicious - but it could have worked (especially the Finch part, OMG). And yes, it all works really well as Shaw expressing herself inside her head. I kept having these "is this bad writing, or is something really weird up with her?" moments. And yes both! just that it was Shaw writing her own scenes.

I'm not following the fandom on Tumblr at this point, but I'm assuming the Dorothy moment at the end shot waves of fury through Shaw/Root shippers (of which I am certainly one, but I don't care if it happens in reality or not - it happened in Shaw's head!).

Actually enjoying this final season, weird as it feels to say that.


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