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Okay, I deliberately kept my prompts pretty general and encouraging, because honestly I think it'd be hard to go wrong with anything I asked for, but I know some people think best with details to hang their inspiration on, so if that's you, read on!

(While I assume that if you offered a fandom, you're already familiar with the canon, do note that behind the cuts you might find spoilers for each series to date.)

Person of Interest

OMG, I love all these characters so much! In terms of fic, I would love anything from fluff to hurt/comfort to casefic to relationship development to something spicier (if we matched on shipfic rather than gen). In terms of art, I'd love a cute or funny moment between any of these combinations, or just a portrait of them being beautiful. And should you feel so inclined, AUs and silliness are always love.

This is probably my vaguest prompt, mostly because my feelings for this show are too immense for words. If I'm completely honest, I imprinted pretty hard on the first couple of seasons -- the intimacy of Finch and Reese alone in the library! the excitement of the new story each week's number had to tell! Carter! -- but I love Shaw to death, and who could say no to a canon F/F couple? So really, I will love anything.

Finch and Reese were the bedrock of the show for me for a long time, whether viewed as a couple or platonic life partners or what. Their love is so canon, you know? I don't even know what to say beyond that. They have a dog.

Zoe Morgan and Reese are basically hotness personified, largely because the entire world amuses her and he thinks she's just super great. If you want to go that way, I personally headcanon her as hella dominant and Reese as happy to serve, but follow your muse -- and don't think that because I mention kink you've got to go all X-rated, because flirtatious glances are also the best. So is seamless teamwork on a case, for that matter! If you write something set later in the series, feel free to either ignore or explain away Dr. Campbell -- I liked her to begin with, but therapist/client ships are a huge do not want for me, so I don't really consider her a viable love interest, whatever the show might think.

Carter and Reese, be still my heart. Remember that scene at the beginning of S3 where she was staking out HR and he showed up with drinks? And let's not even talk about "Terra Incognita", because if we do I will die. I loved her from the moment she decided that this mysterious guy shooting tons of kneecaps presented a threat to the public welfare, and I loved all the time she spent hunting him and rolling her eyes at him, and even in a way I loved how much he held back from her sometimes, because it was his messed up way of showing love? But oh my gosh, the friendship that could have been. (And just in case it floats your boat, I do not anti-ship them, either.)

Root and Shaw: She's a lesbian hacker with a digital god in her ear, she's a bisexual assassin whose ability to not give a fuck wavers only occasionally, together they shoot bad guys! The terrible suspense of whether they would or wouldn't made it hard for me to enjoy the build-up of their relationship in canon, so maybe I'd especially enjoy something more low-key for these two: hanging out on a uneventful stakeout, worn out after great sex, bickering a little more comfortably now that the relationship question is settled, anything! Or, I mean, you could break my heart by actually paying attention to where season four left off with them; that would also work.

Finch and the Machine and Root: So Finch's baby grew up to be god and then die, and Root's basically the only human who's ever really wanted to treat her like a person. How could this not be fascinating? It's impossible. You could set this anywhere -- before Root and the Machine ever talked, while Finch was still refusing to listen, after they've started trying to put the pieces back together, in an AU you've dreamed up, anything. You could draw the three of them MST3King movies. It's just a world of possibility.

Bear and everyone: Maybe this is going to sound weird, but I would sort of love it if Bear's personality were developed more? Because I am the kind of person who thinks about the personalities of fictional dogs. I mean, real dogs have them! But seriously, we are talking about Bear here -- there's no way to mess up Bear. Except if you killed him, I guess? Please no deathfic about Bear. But otherwise, go wild.

Carter and Shaw: Canonically, they had precious little time to build a relationship, but Shaw crushed on her so hard, you can't tell me she didn't, and Carter at minimum trusted her to have her back. So where else could they have gone? Did they ever go to a shooting range together, get drinks outside of work, hook up passionately and try to suppress their smiles the next day? Basically I'm just sad forever that their time on the show had so little overlap -- anything that brings these two awesome women together is going to be awesome too.

Reese and Shaw: I just love zero drama these two are together, despite their eye rolling and teasing. In some ways they're polar opposites -- for example, Reese actually smiles when people hug him -- but they're good at what they do, and they fit together like siblings. They're beautiful. Or, again, there's the post-brainwashing heartbreak route. Fly free!


I adore the loyalty and team feels and platonic relationships on this show. Dutch and Johnny are the best siblings of choice, and I'd love to learn more about Lucy and her take on the world. Pretty much anything you come up with involving these characters -- with or without D'avin too! -- will make me smile.

This show is the guilt-free science fiction adventure yarn I've been waiting for my whole life. I love all the core three and each of the sides of that triangle, but Johnny and Dutch are the pair that were nominated, and in all honesty, I'm not sure they aren't the pair I love best. They are just so protective, not only of each other, but also of the relationship they have. I love that she has zero doubt about how much she cares about him, but is maybe a little less sure how to show it occasionally; I love that he just straight-up says he'd pick her over D'avin. I very much do not ship them romantically or sexually, but if it comes up, I'm fine with her and D'av.

Lucy obviously gets very little development in the show, but despite her matter-of-fact delivery, it really does seem like she cares. Has that always been there, or was it introduced, or did it slowly develop? This is more of a wide-open, fill-in-the-blanks-the-show-left kind of prompt -- what is the relationship between her and Johnny? What does it mean to each of them? Is she the exception from his tendency to try to take care of people he loves, or very much not? None of this is to say that I require an in-depth character study of AI psychology, though -- their banter is also very much love.

How to Get Away with Murder

So maybe Connor's terrible for Oliver, but they are also just so cute together -- I especially love Oliver's TOTAL GEEKINESS, and Connor's softer side when it emerges briefly from the snark. There is totally, totally Annalise/Bonnie subtext on this show, and I would love to see anywhere you might go with it. And I would love to see Oliver and Michaela bonding, either talking about Connor (fondly or with frustration!) or just discovering a friendship completely independent of him. I can be a little shy when it comes to shippy fanart, so I'd rather it not get too explicitly detailed, but apart from that, I'll be delighted by anything you draw or write!

Oh, my wonderful terrible murder children. And actual grown adults. Gah, I can't wait for this show to come back.

Oliver and Connor: Look, okay, I'm just going to say it: I'm not sure I have ever felt more aligned with a character's approach to romance than when Oliver tried to make getting tested for STIs a cute coupley thing. I am that much of an absolute nerd, is what I'm saying, and I love that he is too. Meanwhile Connor is just this adorable disaster of a human being, I don't even know -- he loves Oliver, he's lying to Oliver, Oliver's the best thing in his life, he is so bad at keeping his life separate from Oliver. They're amazing and they're probably going to break my heart. They're so sweet!

Annalise and Bonnie: Just all my unexpected quasi-feudal feels, okay -- and that's even before season two started and they got even more viciously, inextricably entangled. Bonnie's a perfect impassive ice-cold genius, a shattered wreck, never going to be Annalise and why does she keep trying; she loves Annalise and she hates her, and she constantly lives in her shadow. And Annalise is larger than life and infinitely human, brilliant and brave and broken and ruthless and fragile and possibly finally falling apart. Together, they're amazing, terrible, tender, cruel. Show me any snapshot from the kaleidoscope of their relationship, and I'll love it.

Michaela and Oliver: Now here's a breath of fresh air! They haven't had all that much chance to interact on screen, but I enjoy it so much every time they do. They have Connor in common, obviously, but there's also something about the combination of Michaela's relentless quest for perfection and Connor's offhanded self-deprecation that I think has a lot of promise. Not to mention that I'd be so glad if someone could explain to her the concept of bisexuality! But seriously, I've already said how much I love Oliver, and Michaela is so wonderfully layered, sunny ambition over brittle anxiety over hidden reserves of clarity and strength. I think they could be good for each other, really -- besides which, they're just so cute.


So Sherlock and Joan are and always will be the core of this show, but I also really liked seeing their developing (and fascinatingly separate) relationships with Kitty, and I completely dismiss all claims that Sherlock and Alfredo have nothing in common except their recovery -- remember when Alfredo bribed Sherlock to participate in the program by bringing him interesting new security systems to crack? And while he and Joan might not have completely hit it off at first sight, I think they work better together than either of them might have expected. I would love any kind of vignette or story or sketch or anything about any combination of these characters!

This is a series I have not always loved as much as I wanted to be able to, because the story I'm interested in is the story of Sherlock and Joan as equal partners, and while I loved the way the first season built its way towards that, I feel like the second and third seasons often struggled to figure out what to do with her. It's been a little disconcerting how the fourth season feels almost like a reboot on their relationship, but at the same time I'm also loving it, because I feel like we're finally getting a return to the dynamic that I most of all wanted to see, and the one I think shows both of them to best advantage -- in which the two of them orbit each other mutually, instead of Sherlock being the center around which everyone else revolves.

I'm not really sure how Kitty could return to the show after the exit she made, but if you'd like to handwave that, AU it, or just come up with something set before that all went down, I really did love the covert tenderness of the relationship between her and Sherlock -- not really anything at all like that between a parent and a child, but with some of the same depth of love and care -- and the very different but no less meaningful relationship she was on her way to developing with Joan. I'd love to see her with either or both of her mentors -- and as much as I love her and Sherlock, if you pair her with Joan, I would not remotely mind a Bechdel pass!

Alfredo, if I consult the IMDB, has had only eight episodes to Kitty's twelve, and he isn't nearly as integral a part of life at the Brownstone as for a while Kitty was -- but that's kind of what I love about him: that he does have a life outside our dear consulting detectives. Because although I do see this as the Joan & Sherlock show, that doesn't mean I don't love to see more of the supporting cast, especially in ways that show that while they might not be the stars of this show, they are the protagonists of their own stories. How's Alfredo's story been going lately?

Thanks so much for offering in this fandom (or in these fandoms), and whatever you decide to write or draw, I hope you have fun!


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