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1. Sometimes I take notes on things I dream, often while still half-asleep.   For example, last night's batch:

  • murderface:  annunciation
  • shopping cart on sidewalk unspeakably rude
  • we find werewolves instead of our car

I kind of love my brain sometimes.

2. I have now read Ancillary Sword, and this series continues to be delicious like candy.  Can it be October already?

vague spoilers:

There was just enough Seivarden in this book -- not too much and not too little.  I love Mercy of Kalr so much; also, pretty much all of its crew.   Meanwhile, Anaander Mianaai continues to be an absolutely terrible person, not that anyone's surprised.

Sometimes I felt like Breq (and I do think of her as Breq now, where in Ancillary Justice I thought of that as an alias, and her mainly as One Esk Nineteen) veered too close to an unsavory sort of Radchaai Guilt, but then I thought, well, it would be weirder if she were perfect at this.   I do really like that she seems to care more about gendering people correctly now -- I'm guessing because in this book, she has massive amounts of privilege by virtue of her rank and social class, and she realizes that when she guesses wrong, that's more than just a simple faux pas.

I have no idea what all is going to happen in book three, but judging by the pieces laid out on the playing board, one likely answer is "a hell of a lot".

3. It's possible that my grandmother and I have just formed a book club.  Honestly, I'm pretty enthused.  :D


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