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Hello Dreamwidth, I live! And am on an antidepressant that might actually be working! And I even have hopes that I might be more active hereabouts at some point!

But today I am not here to talk about those things. Today, I am here to flail about Person of Interest, because I just threw a couple hundred words at Tumblr, and there is something that feels so wrong about posting meta there while this account languishes. So without further ado!

This is probably way too much to hope, but--

( spoilery speculation follows )

What if Dr. Campbell is a plant, and what if Reese knows it?

I basically hated their kiss, partly because augh the ethics violations[1] and partly because it seemed inevitable that any romance of Reese's would end in betrayal and/or tears, neither of which I wanted.

But what if they're both playing each other? What if Reese's long blank pause in her office wasn't because of FEELINGS, but because he was thinking that something didn't add up -- and then that he'd learn a hell of a lot more if he managed not to let on?

What gets me thinking about this is Reese's intense investment in Finch learning how to use a handgun, because Reese won't always be around. Setting aside the possibility that he's planning to ditch Team Machine in favor of a blissful honeymoon with his new honey, we can take from this that Reese has a reasonable expectation of dying in the foreseeable future, right? So what in hell is he doing trading kisses with a civilian -- unless he knows that that isn't what he's actually doing?

Seriously, somebody talk me out of this before I actually convince myself. He was flirting with Zoe just as comfortably as ever! Is that the behavior of a John Reese who's yearning to settle down with somebody other than Finch else?

And when Zoe said she wasn't jealous, she was protective, John's reaction was to tell her that he'd be okay. Since when has his first instinct, in any situation, been to think about his own safety?

Unless he knows full well he's walking straight into danger and that his friends might need reassuring?

Oh my gosh it's too late for me, I am now convinced that this should definitely be true. I'm going to be so upset when it isn't. FLAIL.

1. No shame to people who ship them, btw -- they'd be an adorably awkward couple if she weren't his therapist, and fiction ≠ real life! (back)
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